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3 Low-cost ways to get your home ready to sell

Ready to sell house

When it comes to a successful property sale, it’s all about presentation. A bad first impression can make or break a potential buyer’s decision to even walk through the front door. If you’ve decided to sell your place and you’re ready to throw yourself into getting it ready for market, check out these 3 low-cost ways to get your home sale-ready in the new year.

1. De-personalise and declutter

To present potential buyers with an impersonal, clean environment – one in which they can imagine their own furniture and belongings fitting into – pack up your personal photographs and other objects that could distract. Consider storing any pieces of furniture or art that may create a negative impression: the goal is to make it easy for any potential buyer to see your home as their future home.

Hand in hand with de-personalising goes decluttering. Avoid distracting potential buyers with your children’s school certificates stuck on the fridge, or your toiletries on the bathroom shelf. Pack away kitchen appliances into cupboards to leave kitchen counters free from clutter and store any unnecessary furniture items to create a feeling of spaciousness and light in rooms.

Now may be a good time to clear out any unnecessary items and donate them to a charity or hold a garage sale and sell off anything you can do without. Think of this as the start of your packing before you move!

2. Clean and store

Keeping your home clean and tidy, ready for a viewing at a moment’s notice, can be challenging, particularly if you have young children. But there’s nothing worse than viewing a home that is messy or one that smells bad.

Pack away dirty laundry into the washing machine or a cupboard and don’t leave clothing airing on indoor washing lines. Wash and pack away dirty dishes and use candles or diffusers with vanilla scents to conceal cooking smells in the kitchen.

Most buyers will be interested to see storage space so don’t forget to tidy and organise cupboards and shelves in bedrooms. Hang up clothes and line shoes up neatly. Fold clothing into drawers and pack away any clutter on bedside tables or shelves.

Being organised down to the last detail shows you take good care of your home and possessions, creating a positive overall impression for potential buyers. It also creates an impression of more space which many buyers will be looking for.

3. DIY and curb appeal

If you’ve been putting those small DIY jobs, now’s a good time to get them done. Potential buyers may be put off by the thought of having to fix even the smallest issue so get those minor repairs done.

Cracked floor or counter tiles should be replaced, holes in the wall should be patched, leaky taps fixed, gutters and windows cleaned, and a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour to cover up any bright colours that could detract from a positive impression.

Don’t neglect the outside of your home as it’s usually the first sighting potential buyers have. How well does your home look compared to your neighbours? Is the grass neatly mown? Does the gate work? Is the letterbox tidy? Have you cleared the weeds and packed away any clutter outside? All of the little details matter and add up to a picture in a buyer’s mind.

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